Hey Everyone - I have not blogged in a very long time!  When I look back at some of the blogs, writing about venues that I totally forgot about - it blows my mind!  Just wanted to let you all know that after 16 Years - Karen has decided to retire from music.  2019 will be our last year of shows!  We have been through a lot of ups and downs and have experienced much joy and frustration along the way - but it is an experience that we will never forgot, and have been truly grateful for the opportunity to get out there and play music.  Jeff will continue to move forward playing music as "Just Jeff" on his Fair Weather tour - Karen's journey is undetermined.

We hope that you all come out and see us at some point this final year!  We thank you all for your support all these years!


How we are treated at Holy Trinity Church


This is an example of the emails that are sent by our "director of music" at Holy Trinity Church!


Effective immediately, I am directing that all Cantors should arrive to the Organ
NO EARLIER than 30 minutes before their individual scheduled Mass/Masses on a
given weekend. I find this necessary due to my increased duties and responsibilities
between Masses and also prior to the Saturday Vigil Mass in counseling families with
funeral music selections and couples choosing wedding and convalidation ceremony
music; these times between Masses are becoming more convenient for people to make appointments to see me. This also applies to Sunday mornings prior to the 8am Mass,
as I now allow myself earlier quiet time to prepare for the long and busy day ahead.
All Cantors will now meet me only at The Organ at 30 minutes prior to all Masses; at such
times I will determine, depending on circumstances and my preferences at the moment, whether
or not we will go downstairs to the Choir Room to prepare our presentation together.
Assisting Organists: Please adjust your arrival times to NO LATER than 1 hour prior to
your Mass times; in particular on those occasions when I am taking my annual vacation
and/or if there are moderate to considerable distances involved with an individual Organist's commute.My preference is to have the Assisting Organist present at the Organ prior to the arrival of the Cantor. I remind all of you that our proximity to major NJ highways and the George Washington Bridge remain as no excuses accepted for anyone's later-than-expected arrival times, paricularly now as we approach the summer months and the always unpredictable weekend traffic jams therein.
Furthur, I always expect all our musicians to be adequately and completely prepared with their
music at the ready for review prior to Mass, and for all to be suitably attired and presentable
as professional musicians at Mass. Effective immediately, anyone who arrives either unprepared
and/or unsuitably attired for the Liturgy will be asked to leave, and another musician will readily take their place.




Holiday 2011



HI Everyone!
Can you believe it?  Just a few days to Christmas!  Hope you all have your holiday shopping done!  If you need that one last gift - you can always get a copy of Jersey Fresh from CDBaby, www.cdbaby.com/cd/jeffkaren.  
We have had a great year!  We have played lot's of gigs at the Jersey Shore (The Corner Cafe, Bistro Ole, Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce), made our debut in Rehobeth Beach at The Seafood Shack, continued performances at Zebu Forno in Morristown, returned to The Starving Artist Cafe on City Island, played our very favorite holiday show at Olde Lafayette Village (pictured), and said goodbye to some venues as they closed their doors (farm2bistro, Sertino's Cafe).
We want to thank all of our friends that came out to see us this year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2012!  We are currently firming up dates, and will be posting soon.  
May you all have a blessed and peaceful holiday and a fantastic New Year!
All the best,




Spring Thaw!


Okay, I am noticing a pattern.  Every time I blog - I write - I haven't blogged in a long time.  Meaning, I guess I should blog more often.  I just wish that someone would blog back to me!  That would give me some incentive!  Anyway, this is Jeff blogging - I am the blogger of the duo!  So, this has been a long, cold, hard winter - hasn't it?  Finally, we are thawing out, and the bookings are heating up!  We will be returning to our beloved Sacred Bean the May to once again share the stage with Ray Winch and Bootz O'Hagen!  We have been doing this for I think 8 years now!  Its a blast and we look foward to it each year!  We have also re-booked The Garden Cafe in New Milford - for three shows this Summer!  And, we are "Coming Out of Hiding" to make our Rehobeth Beach debut at The Seafood Shack this August.  We have a lot of friends and family that are going to make the trip to see us.  Lots of people are using this as an excuse to come to Rehobeth Beach - I guess it is all about location!

We are also continuing to book shows at farm 2 bistro in Rockaway and Sertino's Cafe in Emerson!  We really have been getting some good feedback lately - so it is giving us some confidence! 

Anyway, going to go for now.  But, BLOG ME BACK - wont ya????


See You In September


Hey Everyone - Haven't blogged in a long time, so I thought since we are about to begin a new season, it was about time.  We had some great shows this summer, and we are excited about what is coming up for Fall.  Yesterday (9/12/10) - we did our retro rewind show at The Maywood Library.  It was one of our best RR shows yet.  We sold (4) CDs and had a great time! 

This summer has had it's share of hard knocks as, if you didn't know, 3 levels of the parking garage below Jeff's apartment building collapses on 7/16/10.  He was immediately displaced, and still not living in his own apartment.  That threw a wrench into rehearsals and booking and all. 

Jeff & Karen rehearsed at The Hilton in Hasbrouck Heights while he was staying there, and that culminated with a free concert that we gave on 8/18 to that the Hilton staff and perform for the other dispaced residents.

Oh well, going to run away not - all the best to all, and hope to see you soon!







Out Loud & Proud!


Hey Everyone - Haven't blogged in a while, but we had a great experience - a great learning experience too, at New Jersey Pride 2010.  This was our largest crowd event, over 2,000 people!  We did a short set of song - and we opened the entire day! 

The most wonderful part of the day was having some of our closest friends join us.  Scott, Athena, David, Jack & Paul - and Jeff's wonderful doggies, Angus and Duncan!

It was a very special day!  Hot, sultry, humid, windy, dark, bright - all in one day!  pride1_edit.jpg



Back to the Bean!


Hey All - On May 15th, 2010 we returned to The Sacred Bean Coffeehouse in Flanders, New Jersey for our annual gig.  We have been performing at "The Bean" for 6 years now - and 5 of them we have been sharing the stage with husband and wife duo - Bootz O'Hagen.  The evening of music began with Ray Winch and his son trading off songs.  Ray doing guitar and vocal renditions, and his son playing various tunes on his recorder!  Next was Bootz for an eclectic mix of orginals and cover tunes - including their version of Chasing Rabbits.  Then it was time for us - we introduced two new originals that evening, Toxic Love and Hippie Lady - amoung other covers and originals.  Our friends Tina and Carri made the trip to cheer us on!  We will be back again next year - I said it is our own version of "Same Time, Next Year."



March Madness!


Hey Guys - Haven't blogged in a long time, so I owe you an update.  March was a crazy month for us - We played three new venues.  Vinny O's - a dive bar in Teaneck that hated us and fired us half way through - and two wonderful upscale restos - Burkes in Westwood and Legends in Midland Park.  We had great shows at Burke's and Legends and a lot of our friends came out to see us.

Now, it is Easter time, and as you all know - Karen and I both sing in the Music Ministry at Holy Trinity Church in Fort Lee, so - we have a busy weekend. 

Anyway, God Bless You All for Easter or Passover, we are all united at the same time this year, which is great!



Valentine's Weekend


Well, I am finally getting a chance to blog about Valentine's Weekend!  We had a really fun few days.  On Friday, 2/12 we performed an afternoon concert for the AARP of southern Bergen county.  On Saturday we performed in a cabaret at Piano's in Bloomfield.  The show consisted of Jeff & Karen + 3 other duos!  It was an evening of great fun - and our friends Staci and Jay attended to cheer us on.  On Vday itself - we presented at Valentine's Show at the the Pine Crest Senior Center in Paramus.  It was an exhausting weekend, but we enjoyed every minute of it!  Stay tuned for more!


Over The Mountain and through the woods, to Valentine's Day we go!


Hey Everyone -

Well, we went from Rainbow MOUNTAIN to Wine in the WOODS and we are ending up with a cluster of shows for Valentines Day!  Please check in next week to see how Friday, Saturday and Sunday went!

We really enjoyed ourselves at Rainbow Mountain, we were at first apprehensive when we checked into our rooms without TVs!  It would have been nice to have had the I Love Lucy marathon on in the background - BUT we ended up keeping busy the entire time! 

Friday - On Friday night we gave a fantastic pop/cabaret to a great crowd.  Then we hung out to 3 AM drinking this great drink we learned about by fabulously cute Jerry - it is called The Godmother, Vanilla Vodka and Ameretto - YUM!

Saturday - We had a great breakfast, and then slept until 3 PM - then we took a drive to Shawnee-on-the-Delaware, that is where it all began for Jeff - he started his professional career at The Shawnee Playhouse in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!, and we won't tell you what year it was.  After a great dinner, we went to the disco for classic disco night, we sang Its Rainin' Men and Dancing Queen - the crowd went wild, and danced and sang with us - right on the dancefloor.  After only two Godmothers, we went to bed.

Sunday - Got up, had breakfast, said good-bye to the staff of Rainbow Mountain, and the group (NJ gay and lesbian Havurah) that were staying for the week, and head of to West Milford for a 4 PM show at Wine in the WOODS!  All went well as we sang for an enthusiastic crew at Dave's 50th Birthday Party!

Then, back to work, back to snow storm, and back to shows - - 





That's Amore!


Hey Everyone - we are getting ready for a cluster of shows around Valentine's Day.  We are doing 5 shows in a 10 day span of time.  Its so weird, it is always feast or famine in our world.  Anyway - we will be doing lot's of love songs!  Hope you will be able to join us at one of the shows.  Happy Valentine's Day, in advance!



Happy New Year!


Well, it is 2010!  Wow, seemed like it we were partying like it was 1999 just a yer ago!  Jeff & Karen will be taking some time in Januray to chill and rehearse for our return to Rainbow Mountain in early February!  Please stay in touch with us! 


12/12 and 12/13 Shows


We had a great and busy weekend!  12/12 we returned to Olde Lafayette Village in Lafayette, New Jesrey.  We have been going there for Christmas since about 1998 - can you believe that!  We played 2 hours of Holiday music in Santa's Workshop, or Santa's Workship - according to Karen!  fun! fun! fun!


On Sunday, 12/13 - we played a private party at The First Presp Church in Ridgewood - Their "Rockin Around The Chritmas Tree" holiday blast.  It was great fun for all.  All the courses were named after a hit "retro" song - We sang Love Me Tender in honor of the tender beef filet!


Holiday Wishes!


Hey Everyone -

Its mid-December, and we are in full swing of shows and private parties - its our favorite time of year.  Please share your holiday stories with us!

Jeff & Karen