How we are treated at Holy Trinity Church

This is an example of the emails that are sent by our "director of music" at Holy Trinity Church!


Effective immediately, I am directing that all Cantors should arrive to the Organ
NO EARLIER than 30 minutes before their individual scheduled Mass/Masses on a
given weekend. I find this necessary due to my increased duties and responsibilities
between Masses and also prior to the Saturday Vigil Mass in counseling families with
funeral music selections and couples choosing wedding and convalidation ceremony
music; these times between Masses are becoming more convenient for people to make appointments to see me. This also applies to Sunday mornings prior to the 8am Mass,
as I now allow myself earlier quiet time to prepare for the long and busy day ahead.
All Cantors will now meet me only at The Organ at 30 minutes prior to all Masses; at such
times I will determine, depending on circumstances and my preferences at the moment, whether
or not we will go downstairs to the Choir Room to prepare our presentation together.
Assisting Organists: Please adjust your arrival times to NO LATER than 1 hour prior to
your Mass times; in particular on those occasions when I am taking my annual vacation
and/or if there are moderate to considerable distances involved with an individual Organist's commute.My preference is to have the Assisting Organist present at the Organ prior to the arrival of the Cantor. I remind all of you that our proximity to major NJ highways and the George Washington Bridge remain as no excuses accepted for anyone's later-than-expected arrival times, paricularly now as we approach the summer months and the always unpredictable weekend traffic jams therein.
Furthur, I always expect all our musicians to be adequately and completely prepared with their
music at the ready for review prior to Mass, and for all to be suitably attired and presentable
as professional musicians at Mass. Effective immediately, anyone who arrives either unprepared
and/or unsuitably attired for the Liturgy will be asked to leave, and another musician will readily take their place.



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