Over The Mountain and through the woods, to Valentine's Day we go!

Hey Everyone -

Well, we went from Rainbow MOUNTAIN to Wine in the WOODS and we are ending up with a cluster of shows for Valentines Day!  Please check in next week to see how Friday, Saturday and Sunday went!

We really enjoyed ourselves at Rainbow Mountain, we were at first apprehensive when we checked into our rooms without TVs!  It would have been nice to have had the I Love Lucy marathon on in the background - BUT we ended up keeping busy the entire time! 

Friday - On Friday night we gave a fantastic pop/cabaret to a great crowd.  Then we hung out to 3 AM drinking this great drink we learned about by fabulously cute Jerry - it is called The Godmother, Vanilla Vodka and Ameretto - YUM!

Saturday - We had a great breakfast, and then slept until 3 PM - then we took a drive to Shawnee-on-the-Delaware, that is where it all began for Jeff - he started his professional career at The Shawnee Playhouse in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!, and we won't tell you what year it was.  After a great dinner, we went to the disco for classic disco night, we sang Its Rainin' Men and Dancing Queen - the crowd went wild, and danced and sang with us - right on the dancefloor.  After only two Godmothers, we went to bed.

Sunday - Got up, had breakfast, said good-bye to the staff of Rainbow Mountain, and the group (NJ gay and lesbian Havurah) that were staying for the week, and head of to West Milford for a 4 PM show at Wine in the WOODS!  All went well as we sang for an enthusiastic crew at Dave's 50th Birthday Party!

Then, back to work, back to snow storm, and back to shows - - 




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