Spring Thaw!

Okay, I am noticing a pattern.  Every time I blog - I write - I haven't blogged in a long time.  Meaning, I guess I should blog more often.  I just wish that someone would blog back to me!  That would give me some incentive!  Anyway, this is Jeff blogging - I am the blogger of the duo!  So, this has been a long, cold, hard winter - hasn't it?  Finally, we are thawing out, and the bookings are heating up!  We will be returning to our beloved Sacred Bean the May to once again share the stage with Ray Winch and Bootz O'Hagen!  We have been doing this for I think 8 years now!  Its a blast and we look foward to it each year!  We have also re-booked The Garden Cafe in New Milford - for three shows this Summer!  And, we are "Coming Out of Hiding" to make our Rehobeth Beach debut at The Seafood Shack this August.  We have a lot of friends and family that are going to make the trip to see us.  Lots of people are using this as an excuse to come to Rehobeth Beach - I guess it is all about location!

We are also continuing to book shows at farm 2 bistro in Rockaway and Sertino's Cafe in Emerson!  We really have been getting some good feedback lately - so it is giving us some confidence! 

Anyway, going to go for now.  But, BLOG ME BACK - wont ya????

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