"Thank you both for a lovely performance. Everyone very much enjoyed you both!"
Thank you both for hosting this wonderful event! It was clear that the audience was impressed as well as entertained by your performance. Thank you for the CD also; I will definitely enjoy it. I would highly recommend your duo to anyone that inquires, and I hope our senior group reaches out to you to perform for them. Many of them seemed to be unable to attend the program last night, and I think they would have really liked it.
Just a little note to say it was great to meet you all"properly" last night.You sounded beautiful and I hope to see you another day. Take care and keep making great music! XXXXX ZOE
FAN MAIL FROM A FLOUNDER - I must tell you that you have a new fan. My grandson, Shaun, saw your "Jersey Fresh" CD which I keep on top of my stereo and put it on. He was enthralled with the fact that I knew you and he listened intently to the first two numbers. I told him " Julia, Julia" was my favorite, but his attention span wavered. Then tonight he put it on again and listened to it while I prepared dinner. You may have inspired another generation of musicians! Shaun is learning the recorder, and we spent a lot of time going over his lessons tonight while I played his notes on the organ.
We had such a fabulous evening thanks to you! I was singing all night and you kept me upbeat and energized! Looking forward to your lively music on Oct 6th and November 2nd! You are both so talented and such a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much for a successful and uplifting evening!
We really enjoyed Jersey Fresh - Lots of great, catchy songs and the voices and harmonies were just beautiful!
This is a lovely site, nice job! :)
That was great! what a thrill to have you guys sing my you guys! pamala (original artist to record "Coming out of Hiding"
I had the best time watching you perform at Sertino's cafe! Looking forward to getting to more of your performances. - Kelly
You guys did a great job.
you guys were terrific - love to have you back!
You guys were Rockatini @ the Green Olive last night!!! You made a place with good food rock!!! Great job! Much fun! Want to go back soon! : ) hugs and love, Nance
It was so good to see you last night. We all had a great time. Karen and your performance was thoroughly enjoying. We hope you will be in our area performing more often.
I want to hear you sing the "Good Morning Angus" song this weekend. Perhaps you could do something for my furkids? Love - Jodi
It was a delight to have you and Jeff perform for us again. The concert tied in perfectly with our Adult Summer Reading Club theme. I thoroughly enjoyed the program, especially the songs by ABBA, Sonny and Cher, Madonna, and Donna Summer.
Got to see your set in Asbury Park...great!...the crowd loved it...!
Who knew you had such talent? Look for me in the audience!
Jeff - you look very cute when you sing and you have a nice stage presence as well as a soothing voice...
You and Karen have some great tunes and harmonies... jersey fresh - as you may say!
Love the website. Can't wait to see you live!
You were both great!
yay. you guys look and sound great!
You know, Jeff, that track 4 - Almost Over You - is really something! And I really think it should be a hit record! Seriously. You are so talented, I am really amazed. I can't say enough - the whole CD is TRULY a gifted presentation!! If I had any way I could put it in the right hands, you two would be a national sensation. You are both adorable, and I really took in a lot!!! Thanks again
Fantastic harmony, Jeff!
It was definitely an engaging opportunity to reminisce about the popular hits of the 60's and 70's. I especially enjoyed "California Dreaming," "I'm A Believer," The First Cut Is the Deepest," and the Peter, Paul and Mary medley. I also thought that some of Jeff's original compositions were very stirring and moving as well. The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves as well. I saw many people clapping, toe-tapping, and swaying with the music and the feedback was also extremely positive. Some of the comments included "what a delightful and uplifting program," "the two-part harmony was fantastic," and "it was a fun musical journey that took me back to my carefree youth."
I enjoyed your program very much. A big Thank you from both Wendy and myself. We had a great time. As I just told my Supervisor, this was the first year that we had an Adult summer “reading” program. The first time is always a little “iffy” on attendance. Once it becomes an annual event, people know about it and know that there is a party at the end of the summer. I appreciated the fact that you came early and started playing extra early and all the way to 4:00 pm. I will definitely keep you on mind for future programs. I t is good to know that you can do different holiday themes.
I hope this night never ends!
I got Goosebumps!
Thank you!Your site is very nice
You sound great...I started in acoustic music with my brother and sister...we did lovely harmonies just like you. It is so fun isn't it?
Super Duet!
I will try to see your show next time I come up to NJ
Hi Karen, Long time, no see. Glad to see you're using that voice. You guys seem to have a great partnership. Wish you much success.
HEY GUYS, you are like totally awesome at what you do! love the downloadable music :) it makes my day a bit brighter. you two should have your own lite radio station, you both truly rock. and JEFF: you are one hot number
Two Thumbs Up!
The Dynamic Duo!
Jeff and Karen, you are so talented!! Your voices blend so well together! Great tunes too! I can't wait to see you live!
I love Jeff & Karen, by the way! What or who is “Julia Julia – She’s Gonna Fool Ya” about? Also, my myspace page is …
"You guys are fantastic," observed Mike Woods of Good Day New York, and once you hear them, you'll agree.
Very Enjoyable CD - Retro sound!
Good tunes, good vibe, good time!!!
hi jeff, hi karen, love your new site - great job. love your music and hope to see you guys again really soon! love, light and namaste, nancy : )xo